Granliden Community Association
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Granliden on Sunapee - Buildings

The Townhouse structures within Granliden are all similar in design.  To maintain this continuity, changes to the exterior of the buildings are restricted by deed covenant to repairs that do not change the exterior, and to alterations that have already received a blanket approval from the community.  Other alterations need to go through a review process whereby the proposal is voted on by the community. 

It is highly recommended that owners submit a completed exterior alteration form to the office prior to starting any exterior work to ensure that the work that they have planned does not constitute an exterior change.  To help in this process, there are links below to the Exterior Alteration Form, a link to the Associations Design Guidelines for Exterior Alterations, and a link to the Sunapee office of Planning and Zoning.  Prior to any work on your unit you should check with the town to determine if a building permit is required.

Architectural Handbook  In PDF
General information concerning Granliden Townhouse buildings and the archetectural style as well as a listing of blanket approved alterations
Exterior Work Form in PDF
Form to submit to determine if exterior work is repair/replacement, or if it will need community approval 
Town of Sunapee Zoning Department
Web page with links to the town rules and regulations concerning buildings and construction as well as forms that might be required for work