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Granliden offers both seasonal as well as year-round employment opportunities for qualified individuals. Check our current offerings below.
Due to a retirement, the Granliden Community Association has an upcoming opening for a General Manager

Established in 1968, the Granliden Community Association is a 114-unit year-round residential family community located on 150 acres abutting Lake Sunapee, NH. With its own private beach, marina, golf course, tennis courts, and other amenities, the majority of the on-site action for its residents happens over the summer, however, with its proximity to Mt. Sunapee and the mountains of Southern Vermont, it is an ideal base for the resident’s outdoor winter activities.

The GCA General Manager’s core duties are to efficiently and effectively manage the day to day functions of the Granliden on Sunapee community, as well as to work with the Board of Directors on matters including but not limited to policy matters and planning. The successful candidate will be able to work along side employees to get the job done.


• General Administration
• Financial Management, both Capital and Operating budgets
• Maintenance of common areas and recreational facilities
• Operation and maintenance of drinking water distribution system
• Internal, and External Communication
• Assist the board on policy matters
• Homeowner Assistance


• Be licensed at grade 1A for water distribution by State of NH, DES, or obtain said license within 9 months of employment.
• Five to ten years’ experience with the operation and grounds maintenance of a resort community including, but not limited to the following facilities: golf, tennis, pool, playground, marina, and waterfront facilities

• Vacation
• Retirement
• Insurance (health)
• Job related training and certification

Compensation will be competitive in today's market based on experience, education and accomplishments.

Anticipated starting date is January, 2020.
23a Fairway Drive
Granliden Community Association
Sunapee, NH 03782
For more information, see the full job description here.
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